Priyanka Chopra’s First Marathi Song Has Us In Tears!


Priyanka Chopra, Marathi Song, Ventilator, Baba, Rajesh Mapuskar, Ashutosh Gowarikar

It has been established by now that there is nothing Priyanka Chopra can’t do, and her latest accomplishment is crooning a Marathi song for her production, Ventilator.

Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, the film stars Ashutosh Gowarikar along with a stellar cast from Marathi cinema. Music is given by Rohan-Rohan. It marks Priyanka’s foray into the industry, and she has added a special touch of her own with this song, “Baba”.

The song about a child’s earnest plea to her father to stay with her, has been beautifully rendered by Priyanka, who, it is well-known was very close to her father.

Listen to the song here and tell us what you think about it!



Title image: youtube

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