Premiere Alert TBBT Fans! It Is Wedding Time For Leonard And Penny Again

The long wait is about to end! Well, well, well, the White Gown is ready, decked up are the bridesmaids. Guess what? Its wedding time again on Big Bang Theory.

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*Spoiler alert*

The long wait is about to end! Well, well, well, the White Gown is ready, decked up are the bridesmaids, together are families and friends. Guess what? Its wedding time again on The Big Bang Theory!

Here are a few photos from the episode you must watch- the upcoming Season Premiere.

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It starts with an awkward morning where Sheldon’s mother ends up spending the previous evening with Leonard’s father. Penny has her family in town i.e. her anxiety ridden mother Susan and drug dealing brother Randall.

"The Conjugal Conjecture" (Episode 1, Season 10):

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Penny’s tense relationship with her family as well as Leonard’s mother and her judgments are on a roll. You also see Leonard’s never-seen-before dad  Alfred.

Who Is Colonel Williams?

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 Colonel Williams (Dean Norris), an Air Force Representative from the Department of Materiel Command, takes an interest in Howard's quantum gyroscope.

Awkward Encounters

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Here is the Bride’s family:

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Well, love triumphs all tensions:

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Looks like Sheldon’s mom has a confession to make:

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What about some “in-law” chit-chat time?

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Daddy’s girl walks down the aisle:

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Rolling are the tears:

Wait, what? OMG it’s Stuart!

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Till death do us apart!

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Happily ever after?

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