Here Is How Prabhas’s Stunt From 'Baahubali' Killed A Man

The police force of Shadapur area near Mahuli waterfall is having sleepless nights due to various accidental deaths in the area.

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Baahubali is again in news and this time it's for all the wrong reasons. Well, we all know ever since the movie released it inspired people to become like Prabhas in 'Baahubali' but this 27-year-old man from Mumbai took it to an another level and apparently lost his life.

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As per reports published in Times of India, Indrapal Patil was at the Mahuli fort waterfall in Shahapur, with his friends when tried to imitate the scene from Baahubali. While imitating the scene, he fell off and died. 

However, Patil’s brother claims that this is a pre-planned murder and someone had pushed him down.

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Where police have a different story according to the eyewitnesses’ statement, police says "The deceased jumped - rather than fell - from a height, tried to land on his feet, missed and went underwater. His friends got him out. It appears that these leaps are inspired by the jump in the movie Baahubali."

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He was not the only person who lost his life while performing these stunts. Police officials say they since the monsoon arrived there have been two cases of accidental deaths and at least one injury every two to three days, at the fort, is being reported.

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