These Posters With Swachh Bharat Messages Will Make You Go ROFL!

These posters are inspiring and tickle our funny bone as well.

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Since PM Modi has declared ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, those associated with it, always find innovative ways to promote it. And what better than using Bollywood movie posters to do their share of cleanliness. These posters are rib-tickling and give out a strong message as well! Check out some hilarious Swachh Bharat posters:

#Movie Deewar’s new iconic Toilet Moment..Err..Movement!


Fun Fact: it’s so catchy that even PM Modi couldn’t stop noticing it

Here’s his tweet -

Sahi Kaha, Anand!


# Thank God! Finally, Simran got something different to do in life.


#The modern day Gabbar and Samba!


# Modi fans taking it to next level


#Advice to Kejri: This is how we use the broom!


#The literacy rate of India


#Shit Just got real for Kachra and Bhuvan!


#Modi doing it just right!


Title image: oneindiaeconomictimes

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