Japan Launched A Pokémon Train For A Reason You’d Never Imagine!

The train will be open for public visits from July 15 and will be operated throughout summer vacations.

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An unprecedented catastrophe can rip off the entire world. As part of the ‘courtesy ritual’, we see popular faces talking about it, tweeting about it and after a while even forgetting about it. But, how often do we actually take efforts to perk up these survivals of such unfortunate events? They say things move on after a span of time, but ever asked a survivor how he/she feels? So, in an attempt to cheer up the kids and adults living in those affected areas, Japan rolled out a train that is based on the theme of Pikachu.

Source: indiatoday

An adorable character like Pikachu is probably Japan's favourite anime character and the country seems to be obsessed with it, the launch of this train is bound to lift up one’s mood.

Source: indiatoday

The train was introduced for Japan's Ichinoseki metro station in Iwate. The Pokemon-themed sightseeing train will begin its daily service on July 15 and will run throughout the summer holiday season on the local Ofunato rail line.

Source: indiatoday

According to RT,  the train was designed as part of the ‘Pokemon with You’ campaign organised by the Pokemon Company following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and is intended to cheer up children and adults living in the area.

Information Source: indiatodayinshorts

Title image: indiatoday, wikia

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