Developers Of Pokémon Go To Release A New Game On Harry Potter

While the rumours of launch of such a game was being circulated for a year now, only after the announcement the authentication was confirmed.

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Potterheads, rejoice! As Niantic Labs, the developer company and the makers of Pokémon Go made an announcement of releasing a game on Harry Potter.

The game is titled to be, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and co-developed by Warner Bros. and is set to launch in 2018.

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While the nuances of the game are still not known, one thing we can image with certainty is that it will be super fascinating and magical.

Looks like the Harry Potter franchise is all set to enter the world of mobile phone gaming as the makers of Pokemon Go have announced that they have a game in the works.

Well, we don’t know how exactly the game would turn out to be. But least we can expect is to relive in the fantasy world of Hogwarts where we might get to catch-hold some witches and dementors!

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Exciting AF, right?

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