Travel Alert! Places In India To Add To Your Must Visit Bucket List In 2017

Here are some places which you can visit when the holiday bells Ring!

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When the holidays are around the corner, everyone's perfect way to send some quality time with their family/friends is going on a trip. There are some famous ones which may immediately come to your mind - Goa, Ladakh, Manali, Lonavala. Well, It's high time you get over these places and try exploring the unpopular ones.

So, here are some places which you can visit when the holiday bells ring!

Old Silk route, Zuluk

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This nature’s paradise is situated in the Zuluk Valley, East Sikkim. Sunrise and sunsets are always beautiful here. During summer the scenary blooms with different colors of rhododendron, so it’s the best time to visit this place.

Double Decker/ Cherrapunji Living Root bridge, Meghalaya

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You will find this bridge in the dense tropical forest of Meghalaya. If your love trekking in the jungles you can certainly pick this place. It is located in the Nongriat village, Cherrapunjee. To reach there you will have to take a ride till tyrna village followed by a trek of about 4.5 kilometers. Summer months will be the best to visit the place.

Sandakphu, Daejeeling

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It is located in the northwest of Darjeeling town hill at an altitude of 12,000 feet. It is the only place where you can witness the four of the five highest peaks of Mt. Everest.

Note - You will need a permit and a registered guide for this trek. The best time is April-May when the rhododendrons and orchids bloom bloom graciously. You can aso visit in October and early December when the the mountain flaunt their beautiful white peaks under the clear sky.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

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Situated in the hidden terrains of the North East, Tawang holds the honour of being a cultural and historical heritage. If you love adventures you can always try rafting, trekking or even angling the blue waters and glacial lakes. Summer and early monsoon season is the best time to visit the place.

Yuksom, Sikkim

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It is the former capital of Sikkim. The name it self has a historical meaning which says - ‘meeting place of the three learned monks’. If hold a great historical and archaeological significance. So history lovers will enjoy the most. The best time to visit are the summer months of march till june.

Mawsynram, Meghalaya

Source: indiatimes

It is famous as the wettest place on the Earth. It gets a around a 11,861 mm of rainfall every year and is an ideal place to visit if you are a pluviophile. The best time to visit here is obviously in the monsoon season.

Velas beach, Maharashtra

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It is situated in Ratnagiri, a small town in Maharashtra. It is best known for the turtle festival, celebrated every year in february. Turtle festival is the time when baby Olive Ridley turtles venture into the sea immediately after hatching.

Loktak Lake, Manipur

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It is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India. But this not the only feature of this spot. It is also known for the circular floating swamps (Phumdis) on it. Phumdis are a collection of heterogeneous mass of vegetation, soil, and organic matter at various stages of decomposition. This place is a paradise for bird lovers. Black Kite, Northern Hill Myna, East Himalayan Pied kingfisher, Lesser Skylark, Lesser Eastern Jungle crow, Burmese Pied Myna are some of the species you can find here. The main attraction here is the Keibul Lamjao National Park located at the south western part of the lake. It is the world’s only floating national park and is home to the endangered Manipuri brow - antlered Shanghai deer. The best time to visit the lake is in winters, from November until early march.

Phuktal Gompa, Jammu and Kashmir

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Also known as the cave monastery, it is situated in Lungnak valley, Zanskar village, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. You climb up the mountains in the beautiful company of nature and enjoy the view of Tsarap River. The trek is really breathtaking and breathless as well. The monetary is around 4200 meters high in the Phuktal valley, and the three stupas are the embodiment of the monks leading their life far away from the world. Mid July to September is the best time to visit the spot.

Damro Bridge, Arunachal Pradesh

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About 1,000 ft long, it is the longest hanging bridge in AP. The bridge is made up of thatched bamboo houses and swaying suspended bridges. Although the lifestyle is a bit laid back but calm atmosphere and the jaw dropping sight of harvested crops and grasslands makes it a certainly worthy getaway. The best time to visit is between october and march.

Kila Raipur, Punjab

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It is a village situated in Ludhiana district of Punjab, best known as the host of rural olympics (The Annual Kila Raipur Sports Festival) held every year in February. Rural Olympics Competition is held for major Punjabi rural sports that include cart-race, rope pulling, etc.

Jawai, Rajasthan

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It is the coolest and latest leopard spotting spots in India. With the luxurious tents, the exotic lamps, the authentic rajasthani dishes and the leopard spotting experiences promise you nothing less than grand adventures. The best time to visit is October to early April.

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