Iconic Spanish Artist Picasso’s Mansion Fails To Find A New Buyer

The Spanish artist lived and worked on the estate until his death in 1973, aged 91.

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Artist Pablo Picasso’s beautiful villa on the French Riviera was put up for auction again yesterday at a whopping 20.1 million euros. However, it couldn’t be sold as no new bidders emerged.

Now, a New Zealand based financier has two months to come up with 20.1 million euros (US$24 million) to buy Spanish artist’s stunning mansion. Rayo Withanage was the highest bidder at an auction in June for the estate at Mougins in the hills near Cannes. However, the Dutch Achmea Bank selling the house put it back under the hammer on Thursday because it said Withanage "hadn't yet got together the funds" to complete the transaction.

But a judge in the Riviera town of Grasse gave Fiji-born Withanage two more months to come up with the cash after no other bidder came forward.

"We have been in discussions with him for a year. Let's hope he gets over the finishing line," said Maxime Van Rolleghem, a lawyer of the bank.

He described the 3ha estate overlooking the Mediterranean as a "bargain"."We are disappointed. It is worth at least 30 million euros," he said.

The cubist painter spent the final 12 years of his life in this mansion, that he had fondly named Notre Dame de Vie. Picasso lived in the villa with his muse and second wife Jacqueline Roque, who in 1986 committed suicide there.

After Roque’s death, her daughter Catherine Hutin-Blay sold the estate to a Dutch couple, who renamed it the "Cavern of the Minotaur" after the painter's obsession with the mythical beast.

Before Picasso, the house had belonged to the Anglo-Irish Guinness brewing family. Churchill, a keen amateur artist, was a frequent visitor, and liked to paint in the grounds.

The villa overlooking the French Riviera is so beautiful that it will make you go weak in the knees!

Have a look.

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