While Mr Nihalani Still Considers Menstruation "Adult", Disney Made A Film On Periods In 1946!

Are we sure India is moving ahead in time?

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Today in What-Is-Wrong-With-The-F*cking-World News, the Central Board of Film Certification, aka Moral Police Number One gave an 'A' certificate to Phullu. In case you are not aware of it, worry not because you have effectively been distracted from issues that really matter, as always happens in our country. 

Ignore what we just said, and watch the trailer for Phullu, an Abhishek Saxena film on the taboos surrounding menstruation in rural India-

Haww! How dare they talk about "that"?

Which sanskaari family gives a shit about its women? The audacity!

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Only adults should talk about periods. No, only women. In total secrecy. Behind closed doors where the sun doesn't shine.

Because what have kids got to do with this period-sheriod?

It's not as if girls get their periods as early as 10 years of age and boys grow up thinking that period flow is electric blue in colour, right?

While we continue to push ourselves further back into the 18th century, Disney, who didn't presume to appoint itself as the judge of people's intelligence, made a short film on menstruation in 1946.

You heard it right.

Almost 70 years ago, The Story of Menstruation was made as part of a series of educational films to be shown in schools. 

Source: wikipedia

And to be honest, it is incredibly more sensible than the idiocy Indian girls are still fed- right from menstruation being a "punishment for our sins" to plants/pickles/milk spoiling if a menstruating woman happened to so much as cast her shadow on it.

Do yourself a favour, and watch this 10-minute video. Maybe, just forward it innocently to your family Whatsapp group too, just for fun.


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