From Cute To Creepy: 15 Photos Of Santa That Will Make You Rethink About Your Fondness For Him!

Grumpy, grinch-y, snooty, snobby, there's one for all.

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Christmas is a season of merriment and joy. What doubles up this joy is the presence of a Santa who’s been a major part of our childhood! The folklore of the cutesy grandpa-like man who comes down all the way from the North Pole with presents is indeed a hearty tale.

But we stumbled upon some pictures where the Santa is nowhere close to the stories we heard as kids. These Santas look anything but themselves. Many of them range from creepy to shady. Some even add a dash of ghostly, as if it wasn’t too much to take already!

We bring you pictures of some of these Santas who have brought an upside-down smile on the kids’ faces. Have a look!

1) Umm.. Okay!


2) Okay, I need to block the chimney-way.

3) More sad than the baby kinda Santa

4) Mr. Saint Nicholas?

5) That look though!

6) Serial killer more than a Santa!

7) Creep alert again!

8) Wth!

9) Creep creep creep!

10) She's sleeping or Is she asleep?

11) More like ghostly!

12) Okay, I can't even!

13) Krampus is here, where's Santa now?

14) Santa's (perpetual) watch!

15) This one can make it to the Burning Man festival!

With Santas like these, I will think twice before asking my next year’s Christmas present!

Information & image source: huffingtonpost

Title image source: pinterest

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