Insomnia Led A Photographer To Click Haunted Pics Of Central Park With No People Around

Michael Massaia is an ardent photographer whose insomnia led him to Central Park to capture the splendid pics at night.

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When the sun goes down and the clock ticks 12, most of us go to bed. At times when we don’t fall asleep, we tend to become restless or end up watching our favorite sitcoms. Not many people at such hour do anything that is out-of-the-box, but this amazingly talented photographer did something so extraordinary that one can never imagine.

Michael Massaia is a photographer who hails from New Jersey and has witnessed the other side of Central Park while most of us have failed to notice. Central Park is indeed crowded with people round-the-clock but very few step-out of the house in the hush of the midnight to capture still pictures and his results are haunting and beautiful both at the same time.

In the year 2007, Massaia developed a serious case of insomnia but instead of seeking medical aid or therapy he turned his illness into a passion.

Michael told ND Magazine

I sometimes go through long periods of time where I can’t sleep... I would go for long walks...

Massaia stays in the vicinity of Big Apple and while traipsing in the night he led himself to Central Park and shot beautiful photographs in the time period of 2008 and 2014.

On his official website, he wrote

The park appears to go through a period of metamorphosis during those late night/early morning hours"And I was determined to capture it.

1. Southeast view, 2012

2. Private Gardens, 2013

3. The Mall, 4 A.M., 2013

4. South View, 2009

5. Northwest View, 2014

6. Gapstow Bridge, 2009

7. Half Moon, 2009

8. 5 A.M. European Beech Tree, 2017

9. Zoo Entrance, 2012

10. Airplane Installation, 2012

Information source: boredpanda

Image source: boredpanda

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