This Pet Parrot Singing Like Rihanna is Driving Internet Crazy!

This talented bird sings hit maker Rihanna's, “The Monster,” and sounds just like her!

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The Internet has always been pet-obsessed with crazy cat videos and adorable dog memes. So it was high time we went from furry to feathery and gave due importance to pet birds. 

A parrot has taken note of this and is making rounds on the Web, impressing everyone with her soulful voice which is uncannily like Rihanna!

This parrot sings Rihanna's part of 'The Monster', allegedlybetter than the singer! *wink wink*

Twiteratti seemed to have had a field day when the old video resurfaced last month.

It is unknown whether the pet was trained to do so or it picked up the lyrics on its own, but whatever the case maybe, it sure made the day for all Rihanna fans.

This will make you go ROFL.

On February 21, whacky YouTuber Ursinarium published a brilliant video, in which he replaced Rihanna in the original music video with this parrot. Hilarious isn't it?

Wonder whether Rihanna has seen this 'Monster' fan's rendition or not?

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