These Street Photographs Will Make You Believe That Timing Is Everything!

Perfect timing!

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You know how everyone says that we should always keep the child in us alive? This Norway based photographer Pau Buscato, has taken this advice to a completely different level. In his photo series ‘Hopscotch’, he tries to capture the world through a playful and childlike prism.

"'Hopscotch' is not something that I planned. I simply started doing street photography the way I enjoyed most, without forcing any themes, letting go and being open to whatever my eyes would see in each moment. If the result is this playful view of our everyday life, it's simply because that is who I am," he told Bored Panda.

This street photographer likes to play on his intuition and that’s what makes his photos unique. "It's a very open process that demands full awareness and fresh eyes, to see the ordinary things of our everyday not just for what they are, but also for what they can become, when photographed. The challenge of working based on spontaneity and intuition is that sometimes you will feel lost, not knowing what to do or where to go. I still prefer this to the 'everything goes according to plan' approach. Maybe because this open process gives me a sense of discovery," he adds.

Pao’s clicked these unique photos while he was travelling across various cities in the world. "I really enjoy the streets of London and NYC. If accommodation [there] wasn't so expensive, I would definitely spend more time [in these cities.]," he said.

Have a look at some of his innocent and playful photos!

Fly away Peter, fly away Paul!

Aise kaise?

Isn't that an interesting pagdi?

Now, aren't they?

Setting them free!

Don't burst my bubble!

Santa got heels!

That way, please!

S**t his face!

On cloud 9??

Information and images sourced from boredpanda

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