Did You Know People Living In Goa Are Eligible To Get Portuguese Passport?

Goa residents that get Portuguese passport are considered as foreigners.

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People living in goa have long since applied for Portuguese passport leaving their Indian citizenship. In recent years, more than 20,000 people have applied and in fact got a passport to a country where they have never stepped in their whole life! 

But the question arises why is Portugal giving them passports?

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Portuguese law lets anyone born before 1961 in areas that were once Portuguese colonies to become EU residents. The Indians have taken advantage of Portuguese law allowing anyone born before 1961 in the Indian west coast state of Goa and the coastal towns further north of Daman and Diu to give up their Indian passport and become EU citizens simply because these places were once colonies of Portugal. The loophole is also open to a person’s children and grandchildren.

Why do people want Portuguese Passports?

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Any Portuguese passport entails visa-free entry to 172 countries and easier access to high-paying employment, which people find difficult in India.

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70 pc of those applying are between 18 and 35 years of age and it is an incentive for even senior citizens who are otherwise not interested in moving, to get their names registered at the Conservatoria dos Registos Centrais (Central Registry of Births) in Lisbon. 

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