Amidst Chaos, Some People Are Spreading Goodwill By Helping Those Queuing In Front Of The Banks

Many are coming forward to help in the interest of nation

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Since the ban on 500 and 1000 rupee notes, there is panic and rush in all the banks and ATMs.

People are queuing under the sun in the banks and ATMs. Many persons and volunteers from political parties have come forward to help people stating the queue.

Bhavin Joshi and his flatmate Manisha Joshi started with this idea. Bhavin and Manisha with their two more friends covered all the banks around Kandivali, Mumbai. Kudos to this team of four for their kind and selfless gesture.

Similar incident happened in Punjab as well. A bunch of Sikhs brought kettles and served tea to the people standing in line in front of the banks and ATMs.

Art of living volunteers are also helping senior citizens to fill the forms. They even served water and refreshments to those standing in the line. 

Volunteers from political parties like AAP, BJP Akhil Dal etc. were also seen helping people to complete form formalities and with other refreshments.

Union Minister Vijay Goel visited various banks on Sunday in Central Delhi. He also set up a public support camp to help people complete formalities.

Image source: tribuneindia

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