“Peace” Or Extremism? Kochi School Under Radar For Allegedly Converting Non-Muslim Students To Islam!

Kochi School Converting Students to Islam

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“Suppose your best friend Adam/ Suzanne has decided to become a Muslim. What advice will you give him/ her?” This is a question in a Standard 2 textbook of the Peace Public School, a chain of schools headed by MM Akbar, often dubbed Kerala’s Zakir Naik. Managed by the Peace Education Foundation, this school has been closely watched by the police as several suspected Islamic State (IS) handlers were found to be associated with the school, mainly as faculty.

 An FIR has been lodged with the Kochi police against the school, whose website claims to provide moral and religious education in accordance with the Medeena University curriculum. While Islam-centric moral and religious education to Muslim students is not objectionable by itself, it has been found that the school has radicalised and converted six non-Muslim students, about whom details were not revealed by the police.


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