PayPal Threatens Action Against Woman For 'Breach Of Contract For Being Dead'

PayPal asks husband of the dead woman to pay her debts.

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A British man, who lost his wife to cancer, had to face inhuman behaviour from PayPal. The online payment service provider threatened the British man to take action against his wife for the ‘breach of contract for being dead.’

The American company was notified about 37-year-old Lindsay Durdle’s death due to cancer, by her husband. The death of the British woman evidently, was a breach of PayPal’s account holder policies.

Losing her battle to cancer, Lindsay passed away on the 31st of May. Her husband, Howard notified PayPal about her death. Following which, the American company demanded repayment of £3,200 that she owed.

In a letter to Mrs Durdle, PayPal said, “You are in breach of condition 15.4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit as we have received notice that you are deceased.” The letter came in after Mr Durdle provided copies of his dead wife’s death certificate and her will, along with his id.

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The company also threatened action if the payment weren’t made by the 20th of July saying, ‘this breach is not capable of remedy.’

Mr Durdle wrote, “Excuse the language but this is beyond the f**king pale. PayPal - who were informed of Lindsay’s death three weeks ago - have written her a letter threatening action due to her breach of contract for being deceased.” Posting a picture of the letter, Howard who was extremely mad about the company’s behaviour further wrote, “What the actual f**k. What empathy-lacking machine sent this? Jesus.”

PayPal in its statement clarified that the letter to Mrs Durdle was caused due to a bug, a bad letter template, or a human error. The company reassured that Mrs Lindsay Durdle debts had been cleared and an inquiry has been set to investigate the matter.

Spokesperson of PayPal said, “We apologize to Mr Durdle for the distress this letter has caused. We are urgently looking into this matter and are in direct contact with Mr Durdle to support him.”

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