Patanjali’s Balkrishna Rises To Eighth Position In Hurun India Rich List, Ambani Tops The List

Massive rally in the stock market and a resultant jump in the Reliance stocks saw the wealth of Ambani shooting up.

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CEO of yoga guru Baba Ramdev-run FMCG company Patanjali, Acharya Balkrishna, and Radhakishan Damani of D-Mart have found their place in Hurun India Rich List 2017. Mukesh Ambani retains the first position for the sixth time in a row.

The Hurun India Rich List, compiled by China-based Hurun Report has named Balkrishna among India’s top 10 richest people, with a wealth of Rs 70,000 crores. According to the report, Balkrishna saw a 173% increase in his wealth in a year. With a turnover of INR 10,561 crore in the fiscal year 2016-17, Patanjali has been a close competition to major global brands. He has also secured a second place in Indian FMCG market share in under five years.

While Balkrishna rose to the eighth position from the 25th position last year, the list displayed chairman of Reliance Mukesh Ambani on top for the sixth consecutive year. A massive rally in the stock market and a resultant jump in the Reliance stocks saw the wealth of Ambani shooting up by a staggering 58% to Rs 257,900 crore, according to the report which is into the sixth year. Ambani has not only retained the richest Indian title for the sixth year running, but he has also climbed to top 15 in the Hurun global rich list for the first time. His wealth is 50 percent more than the GDP of Yemen, the country of his birth.

However, the biggest gainer was Radhakishan Damani, the 62-year-old chairman of Avenue Supermarts. “Damani, the new retail king of D-Mart is the biggest gainer with wealth increase of 320 percent,” Huron said in a statement. Following Damani are Anurag Jain and family of Endurance Technologies with a rise of 286 percent and Kishore Biyani of Future Group with a rise of 259 percent. The wealth calculation was as of July 31, when the rate of exchange to the dollar was 64.1, it added.

The Hurun report is a luxury publishing and events group set up in London in 1998 with a strong presence in China. Click here for the entire list.

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