6 Signs You Are Being Haunted By A 'Passion Ka Bhoot', Courtesy TVF

TVF's latest offering hilariously takes on Indian millenials' latest fad for 'following their passions' over regular 9 to 5 jobs.

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Out beyond ideas of appraisals and deadlines there is an Enfield, I will meet you there.

If these words speak to the Jordan (or the Farhan) in you, you my friend, have been possessed by the Passion ka Bhoot. Want to know more symptoms? Read on.

1. Your browser has a permanently minimized tab listing Leh-Ladakh backpacker travel packages.

Source: makemytrip

2. Your most-used hashtag on Instagram is #wanderlust.

Source: edreams

Along with #yolo, #oldsoul and #followyourpassion.

3. You purchased a DSLR camera and created a *insert name* Photography© page on Facebook...

Source: quickmeme

...which your friends were then coerced into liking.

4. The next item on your wishlist is a Royal Enfield Classic.

Source: icb

Except you won't look a fraction as hot as Kat.

5. You have a half-typed resignation in your Drafts to be completed and sent the day 'Give me some sunshine' finally works its charm on you.

Source: me

6. 'Give me some sunshine' is the only song you can actually play on the guitar that was purchased for reasons unrelated to music.

Source: bwb

If you ticked any of the above, worry not, help is here. Watch this video to find out how Manu, with the YOLO spirit consuming his life, tries to follow his "passion":

Title image: youtube

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