These Passengers Had The Weirdest Solution To A Fellow Passenger's Snoring!

Even one snorer in the compartment can ruin the sleep of the 7 others who want to sleep.

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Train journeys are mostly fun. But sometimes, overnight trains can be a pain, especially when you have snorers in your compartment. Even one snorer in the compartment can ruin the sleep of the 7 others who want to sleep.

The worst part of all this? No one can do anything about it! That’s what we thought until we came across this unique incident.

Want to know how to tackle a snorer in a train, this article might just give you a solution!

A passenger aboard a long distance train was apparently punished by his fellow passengers for snoring loudly and disturbing their sleep.

Last week, when a passenger on board the 3rd AC coach of the LIT--Darbhanga Pawan Express was snoring very loudly, his disturbed fellow passengers decided to not let him sleep.

After a heated discussion about the problems his snoring, the fellow travellers made the snoring passenger stay up for six hours.

This incident was confirmed by the chief ticket inspector of Jabalpur division of the West Central Railway, Ganesh S Virha.

According to Virha, Ramchandra, the snoring passenger, was not offended by the punishment and did not lodge a complaint.

Talking about the incident Virha said, “I got to know about the commotion when I took charge of the coach at Jabalpur at around 5 am (on Thursday last). The train was a bit late and when I entered the coach, passengers briefed me about the heated argument that took place during the night journey. Ramchandra said he was persuaded by fellow passengers not to sleep for some time.”

“I sought to know whether the passenger (Ramchandra) wanted to lodge a complaint with the GRP if he felt victimised or offended, but he replied in the negative. In such cases, we take the help of the RPF or the GRP, but thankfully here the matter as sorted out amicably. When I revisited the coach later I found all passengers (involved in the matter) had become friends,” he added.

Let’s just say, all’s well that ends well!

Information source: hindustantimes

cover image source: privateschoolsinnigeria

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