Paris Has Opened The First Of Its Kind- Nude Restaurant Named O’Naturel

The restaurant got opened on Nov. 2, 2017 in Paris.

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Be it a dinner date or a casual dinner with your friends and family, selecting the best dress from your wardrobe is surely one big task. But if you are a resident of Paris then worry no more, as Paris has opened its first-ever naked restaurant. You read it right! *Naked Restaurant*

What you do when you enter the restaurant can be predicted! As the customers have to disrobe themselves in a coat-check room and leave their phone. We can understand that carrying the phone at times can really spoil the moment of togetherness but…taking off the clothes?

O’naturel is Paris’s very first nudist restaurant situated in the city’s 12th arrondissement. While the waiters and kitchen staff is reportedly seen with their clothes on, the reason being for the hygienic purpose.

To make the experience for the diners tension-free and away from outdoor gawker, heavy curtains are seen hung up to hide the restaurant’s large street-level windows entirely, so sneaking and peeking is totally rubbed off.

Information source: bbc, foxnews, independent

Image source: facebook

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