Paris Makes Public Transport Free To Battle Pollution Crisis: A Lesson To Be Learned By India

Desperate times, Desperate measures!

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Paris at the moment is struggling with its worst winter pollution in almost a decade. This has called for urgent and strict measures to be undertaken by the government to control the pollution in the smog-filled French capital. Paris authorities, taking immediate action regarding this conundrum, have decided to ban even number of car plates and make public transport free for the citizens.

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This action is supposed help taking control of the situation and reduce the pollution substantially in the upcoming days. Moreover, this method is soon going to be implemented in cities of Lyon and Villeurbanne on a major scale.

The authorities from Airparif have reported that the pollution index has reached 91 micrograms, which is way more than the optimal 80 micrograms. It is the fourth occasion where alternative traffic patterns have been employed in Paris, but it is the first time they have been held for several days.

Source: france24

Many commuters are displeased with these implementations which apparently have been causing disruptions in the transportation service.

Source: france24

Delhi has been riddled with extreme air pollution for past few months. Government should definitely try to implement more such stringent measures and actions should be taken to make sure that people follow these course of actions appropriately.

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