Parantha Pizza: 7 Jugaadu Foods You'll Find Only In India

Read on to see how our Jugaadu gene takes over and creates the yummiest of fusion foods known to humanity:

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If you’ve ever been home alone at mealtimes, or had working parents, or had midnight cravings or just didn’t want to eat karele ki sabzi that afternoon, the Sanjeev Kapoor in you has risen to the occasion and dished out one or more of these delicacies. Read on to see how our Jugaadu gene takes over and creates the yummiest of fusion foods known to humanity:

1.Achaar Sandwich

Source: imaansheikh

Created for Empty-Jam-Bottle contingencies, this tangy delight has taken you through many a late morning and hungry afternoon.

2.Bread Pakoda

Source: chefinyou

This dish probably originated in the fertile mind of a wife whose husband brought in a regiment with him without notice. A legit delicacy now, the Bread Pakoda is the arch nemesis of many weight-watchers and “Main ghar se khana khakar aaya hoon” prudes!

3.Cheese Parantha

Source: healthyandtasty

If you’re a post-90s kid, chances are that your mother made these for you in an attempt to wean you off “that pizza burger and all”. After all, anything with whole wheat in it must be healthy, right?

4.Maggi Pakoda

Source: choperella

Another addiction for the post-liberalisation generation was, and is, Maggi Noodles. We still see moms with a genuine distaste for this but every permutation and combination, including deep frying the noodles like bhujiya, has been tried by them. Not that we’re complaining!

5.Idli Sandwich

Source: icampinmykitchen

Idlis are flawless by themselves, but sometimes you run out of sambar and chutney. The ubiquitous tomato ketchup and green chutney then come to your rescue to create another snack fit for the gods.

6.Macaroni Upma

Source: oddpad

This innovation is a godsend for every true Indian who has grimaced at how pheeka the Italian import is. A cousin of the Tadka Maggi, this tempered, seasoned and spiced pasta has now elevated macaroni from its lowly status in sugary salads at weddings.

7.Rasna/Roohafza Popsicles

Source: vidhyashomecooking

You have not lived if you haven’t tried this science experiment during your summer vacations. By far the easiest frozen treat to make, it beats the most sophisticated of desserts because of all the memories it brings back!

Drooling already? Whip up a quick snack and tell us what your go-to Jugaadu dish is!

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