Panasonic Comes Up With A Device That Removes Odor From Your Shoes; Provided You Have 5 Hours

The company is yet to reveal the price of the product.

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Are you someone who prefers to wear Vans slip-ons with no socks? Are you one of those people, who live in fear of taking their shoes off? Or do you fall in the category of: “Throw your socks away and open a window!”

Well, if you’re someone who thinks ‘why do my feet smell so much?’ here’s a fun fact: your feet have more sweat glands in them than anywhere else on your body.

To all those of you, who can relate, Panasonic has come with a “shoe deodorizer”, that uses some Nano technology to suck the smell out of your shoes. The device is called as MS-DS100, announced the company.

Image Source: theverge

The device works like a hat on top of your shoes. You have to plug it in and then put the bottom nodes into your shoes. The device will then release a stream of highly charged ions into the shoes. The ions will enter the shoe material and dissolve particles to eliminate any odour.

The MS-DS100 works on two modes: one is the normal mode which runs for five hours and the second is long mode which works up to seven hours. “The long mode is for use when you are especially concerned about smell or pollen,” said Panasonic.

The electronics manufacturing giant had previously launched a similar product for clothes, called a “deodorizing hanger”.

The device would be made available in Japan first, on September 20th. The company didn’t reveal anything though, the price of the device is expected to be high as it is a single-utility product.

The “deodorizing hanger” costs around $180.

So, if you’re really embarrassed of your smelly feet, you might want to buy this.

Information Source: theverge

Title Image Source: theverge

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