Pakistani Students Bring A ‘Fridge of Kindness’ For Dehydrated Labours

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Last year in Pakistan about 2,000 people died of dehydration and sunstroke. Heat waves cost thousands of lives worldwide every year. The temperature touches almost 44 degree Celsius and there are daily wage labourers who have to work in scorching heat every day.

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In Pakistan, some students have come up with a novel idea to tackle this. They have brought a ‘ fridge of kindness’ on Peshawar’s University Road, filled with cold beverages and fresh fruits for labourers who often can’t afford even one bottle of water.

Hasher Mehsood, who heads the team, stated, “we have installed it on humanitarian grounds to provide relief to the needy in this hot weather.” His aim is to provide water, cool drinks and food to the labours who work all day in the heat.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

The cost of the fridge is said to be around Rs 35,000. The money was raised by a team of three students. The team gives a visit to the city every day to ensure that the refrigerator is stocked. This is a brilliant gesture by the students who thought of the needs of poor labours and sought to work for them without expecting anything in return.

Source: Logical India

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