SHOCKING: Pakistan Trained ISIS, Now Looking To Shelter Them?

India exports software, Pakistan exports (and imports) terror

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"India exports software, Pakistan exports terror", said Narendra Modi in the recently concluded BJP meet at Kozhikode, Kerala. Now, a report (kindly hyperlink) has come which states that Pakistan also trained the feared and extremist terror organization ISIS. It has been said that over 300 actively serving officers & over 2000 retired officers of the Pakistani army assisted the ISIS. The training schools were located in Jordon, Turkey and Qatar.

The ISIS got access to handling communication equipment, interception of signals, handling of explosives via these activities. Money was not the driving motivation of the Pakistanis behind providing information. Ideological similarity was the quintessential force which pushed the Pakistani volunteers. The Pakistani army has given the obvious reply of denial to the questions asked regarding these acts. To fight such international stirs, India has already proposed a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism. The United Nations Security Council is yet to implement the recommendations. We are hopeful that under the leadership of the Prime Minister of Narendra Modi, the UN would certainly take note of it.

The current US regime on the other hand is maintaining a stand that the Syria-Russia-Iran combination is a bigger threat than the ISIS & other groups. ISIS has also openly come up with support for Clinton. This is indeed surprising considering the fact that it is in Pakistan only the terror groups like Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba have resided under the safe shelter of the Pakistani army. Trump on the other hand has taken a stand to defeat ISIS by going into battle with Syria & Iran.

The US needs to be reminded that in the end even Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan in a very close proximity of a Pakistani army camp. The report also states that the elements in Pakistani army has is looking to bring the leadership of ISIS to Paksitan on the condition to act against India which could turn into a serious threat to India.

News Source: sundayguardianlive

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