Pakistan Airlines Flight Took Seven Extra Passengers Standing In The Aisles

An investigation has been launched into what seems to be a serious breach of security.

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Anything can happen in Pakistan! Pakistan International Airlines flew with 7 extra passengers standing in the aisles all the way from Karachi to Saudi Arabia.

Reportedly, the passengers boarded the plane with handwritten boarding cards before taking off on January 20.

Now, an investigating team is been allotted to find out how Pakistan International Airlines staff allowed the passengers to board once they’d reached capacity.

As per the report in Pakistani newspaper dawn, the flight had the capacity of only 409 passengers but 416 passengers boarded the flight No PK743 to Medina and the official list of the flight’s passengers does not contain the names of the extra travellers.

This incident is a serious breach of security regulations. Well, we hope this Pakistan International Airlines staff could understand this serious mistake and solve it as soon as possible.

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