These Paintings Made By A Panda Were Sold For USD 560 Each

Talk about creativity!

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Meet Yang Yang, a female panda, who is also a mother to twins. What’s so special about her, you might ask? Well, unlike other pandas who spend their time climbing up and down the bamboos, and roll around the trees, this one invests her time is painting.

Yes, you read it right! Yang Yang loves to paint and she create masterpieces with a stroke of a brush or should I say- a specially crafted bamboo brush and black ink. Yang resides in Vienna Zoo and her inclination towards painting has drawn attention of many. Also, she is drawing a lot of money out of it. Her paintings are worth €490 which is US$560 each.

But then, it’s a philanthropic work. Because these paintings are sold to raise funds for a photography book about fellow pandas in her zoo.

While money doesn’t really allure Yang, it’s the delicious carrots that work as her remuneration. People who are knowledgeable enough and interested in the art work receive a certificate along with the panda’s artwork to prove that its brilliant strokes genuinely come from the paw of a panda.

Her hand-made or should I say paw-made abstract paintings is also fascinating the internet! 

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Information source: designtaxi

Images sourced from: abcnews

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