The Painting Of A Baby Made By Timi Páll Using Her Menstrual Blood Will Leave You Astonished!

No matter how much disgusting it sounds, we are sure that once you will see the artwork you will appreciate it.

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We know you guys are grossed out!! But open your minds people!! Every single girl goes through it! So stop freaking out and scroll down to know how the artist did it.

Timi Páll from Oradea, Romania used nine months' worth of her menstrual blood to make a painting of a baby.

Source: dailymail

She made 9 such paintings, one painting every month which after joining resulted in a painting of a baby in a womb.

She used her hands and tampons to create this fascinating art work.

She shared her artwork on her facebook page and titled it 'The Diary of My Period' - of an unborn child in the womb.

Month 1 

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5 

Month 6

Month 7 

Month 8 

Month 9

Images sourced from: facebook

After joining them all:

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