No "Paid Sex' In Goa Without Aadhaar Card

By asking for Aadhaar card, they make sure that there is no danger.

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According to a Times of India report, a group of five young men from Delhi found out that Aadhar card is mandatory not only to link their phone numbers and bank accounts with but also to engage in some illegal activities like paid sex.The men after landing in Goa for a friend’s bachelor party called the “contact” they had.

The man on the other side of the phone asked for details and then after promising to revert started a detailed investigation of the men.

The man then started verifying the phone numbers of the customers and then after getting satisfied that the group was from Delhi called them back to ask for their hotel room, a picture of their hotel keys and most importantly pictures of their Aadhaar card.This left the men baffled but they provided the details even after which the man denied providing 5 girls.

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According to a police officer, “The danger is from the police who disguise themselves to arrest agents and pimps involved in the flesh trade. By asking for Aadhar card, they make sure that there is no danger but even then they do not provide such large number of girls together as in the worst scenario if they are arrested it will put a stop on their earning all at once.”

Also, the officer explains how people are cheated in this illegal activity.

”Many tourists have complained of being cheated through websites and forum’s who provide call girls and escorts.Ninety-nine percent of the times the tourists pay INR 4000 in advance and then the agents point to the girl on the hotel balcony who waves her hand but as the tourists reach and knock the hotel room, he gets no response," he says. 

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Information source: timesofindia

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