Pahlaj Nihalani Proves That When It Comes To Money, Sanskars Don’t Matter

Twitter is generously trolling the Ex-CBFC chief for his hypocritical behavior.

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The “oh so Sanskari” Pahlaj Nihalani, is back to creating controversy, but this time it isn’t really about the sanskars or his (in)famous cuts, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

After creating a lot of buzz for his sanskaari ideology while reviewing movies as the CBFC chief, Nihalani is back in news – ironically though, for presenting the teaser and the poster of his upcoming film as a producer and distributor, Julie 2, a sequal to the 2004 Hindi erotic film Julie, starring Neha Dhupia.

  source: timesfindia

Days after being sacked as the CBFC chief, Nihalani has taken upon himself to ruin our “culture” and “values”. Mr.Sanskari, who strongly opposed the use of the word ‘intercourse’ in Imtiaz Ali’s Jab Harry Met Sejal, and had major objections to Lipstick Under my Burka, for being “woman-oriented”, is now presenting the sequel to an erotic film.

Exposing his double standards, he has defended his actions by saying Julie-2 is an A-rated film, as opposed to JHMS.

So, we guess the lectures on Moral Education were only for others to follow and when it comes to making money, the “values” can take a back seat! Way to go hypocrite!

 Twitter is generously trolling the Ex-CBFC chief for his hypocritical behavior; here are some reactions to the poster of his upcoming film.


 Blessed indeed!


This one is my personal favorite!


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