Overweight? Studies Say Eating Chocolate Could Lower Heart Disease Risk

The consumption of chocolate had no effect at all on people with healthy BMI or who were underweight.

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If you’re overweight, there’s a little good news for you.

According to a new study, an overweight person can reduce the risk of a heart attack by five times by eating chocolates.

The American Heart Association presented a study where it was found that those who carry too much weight have a lesser chance of having any coronary artery disease (CAD)-related event, (for example: heart attack) if they indulged in some chocolate every weekday.

The research also found that overweight people who abstain from eating any chocolate are at a higher risk of developing any heart condition.

However, the chocolate has to be a minimally processed dark chocolate. This type of chocolate has, in the past, been associated with bettering the health of the heart because of the antioxidants present in them. Antioxidants help fight the ‘bad cholesterol’.

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Researchers found the ‘flavanols’ present in the compounds to lower the blood pressure, increase the blood flow and even prevent blood clots.

But unfortunately, the positive effects of these do not occur in people who have their weight in check or the ones with a healthy BMI. It is only at its effective best with people who are plump.

According to the U.S. researchers, this is because the chocolate’s positive impacts only being small, and therefore significant only for overweight people more at risk of heart disease.

The study, which was conducted by the researchers from VA Boston Healthcare System, analyzed the health of 148,465 US veterans, aged around 64, for a certain period of time. 90% of the veterans in the study were males.

At the initial stages of the study, none of the participants had any kind of heart diseases. In this case, plaque building up in their arteries which might put them in a risk of heart attack.

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The veterans were then asked how frequently they were consuming 28 grams of plain milk chocolate or a dark chocolate. The researchers followed up with them for 2.5 years. It was during this period that 2.7% (4,065) experienced a CAD-related event.

The result indicated that the veterans who were overweight and who consumed 5 or more servings of chocolate every week, barely made it to the 2.7%. While those who were within weight were highly risked.

The consumption of chocolate had no effect at all on people with healthy BMI or who were underweight.

So, if you’re overweight and people hit your hand the next time you’re about to pick up a Cadbury bar, show them this piece.

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