Out Of A Job? Belgium Scientists Looking For Poop Donors

Studies have shown that poop has healing properties.

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Researching into diseases related to bowel disorders and allergies to neurological diseases, Belgian scientists are looking faeces donors for that purpose. Okay, what!?

Researchers in Belgium are undertaking faecal micro biota transplants on patients at the Ghent University Hospital. In order to treat sick patients, the researchers will extract and transfer good micro biota, tiny organisms living in the colon, from donors to receivers, which will help to repopulate their guts.

Hannelore Hamerlinck, who is a biomedical researcher said, “How do we find donors? That’s not so easy. People do not always want to donate their faeces. It is also hard to talk about, but we started this campaign in the press here in Flanders.”

Scientists have said that, along with the bowel disorders, faeces will also help in finding cures for many other diseases.

The past decade has been witness to studies of positive properties of faeces. It has shown healing properties during the treatments of depression, cancer, autism, Parkinson’s disease and allergies.

Hamerlinck said, “Microbes are at the centre of the system. The bacteria in the gut produce hormones that will affect the brain. They also help us to clear out the bad ones and digest certain things.”

In order to participate in the research, the poop donors should be in good health. Fulfil this basic need and then the donor will go through an extensive questionnaire and a three month long testing period, only after that the donor will be able to donate.

Hamerlinck said that many donors come forward for such studies after they have seen a closed one go through bowel disease.

Any poopers out there?

Information Source: hindustantimes

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