This Organisation Swapped The Male Mascots On Famous Brand Logos And The Results Will Make You Think!

These swapped logos made me realise that in the gender debate, the real fight is for inclusion.

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Frances McDormand's Oscar speech left the audience with two words to think about, ‘Inclusion Rider’. Thinking about this I realised that inclusion actually leads to empowerment. T

his International Women’s Day was all about empowerment and many organisations came up with really unique ways to empower women. Like Barbie came up with a collection of 17 dolls that portray strong and inspiring women from across the globe.

Even though at a very slow pace, our society has started accepting the idea of inclusion. This organisation, called Creative Equals, for example, works towards supporting talented women and promoting diversity in the creative industry.

For Women’s Day, they came up with a unique concept to talk about the unbalanced branding in the media. They replaced the iconic male mascots on famous brand logos with female figures and the results will make you think about how the lack of inclusion escapes our attention.

The logos they have chosen belong to some of the most iconic brands from around the world like Pringles, Monopoly, DreamWorks, Schwarzkopf, and Bic.

Have a look

Miss Pringles

Miss Monopoly

Miss Schwarzkopf

Miss Dreamworks

Miss Bic

Lady Bafta

Lady Oscar

Doesn't this make you think that even subconsciously, a gender bias exists? If you look at the logos and the mascots carefully, you realise that these mascots are gender neutral, but the brands have subconsciously or almost automatically chose a male mascot. These swapped logos made me realise that in the gender debate, the real fight is for inclusion because inclusion leads to empowerment.

Think about it!

Information and images sourced from boredpanda

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