Can We All Agree Upon The Fact That Oreos Are Ridiculously Overrated?

Oreos are just the Red Velvet Cake of biscuits. All hype, no substance.

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The world is full of people who stuff their faces with Oreos like the Apocalypse is near.

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As if the biscuits themselves aren’t enough, we see them pulverised and strewn about in every damn dessert.

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Oh for the love of God!

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“I’d like my popcorn with a generous sprinkling of dirt, please!”

Let’s get this straight. Oreos are black cookies that faintly remind you of the aftertaste of a chocolate-flavoured something you ate years ago. The filling? It is not even dairy cream.

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No, really, it is made of sugar, water, vanilla flavouring and vegetable oil shortening.

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Fun fact: It is a ripoff of an older product called Hydrox. Which sounds like a toilet cleaner but is, in fact, a biscuit.

Oreo advocates defend its case by saying it is supposed to be dunked in milk to be enjoyed.

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And that’s about all the defence there is.

Drown it in milk.

Just that.

Now, we don’t judge people for their gastronomic choices, however outrageous they might be.

But this shizz. THAT, is maddening.

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Thou shalt not make me pay for milk swirled with soggy biscuit powder.

In conclusion, Oreo is the Red Velvet cake of all biscuits. Oh wait…

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