One More Gorgeous Reason To Cheer For Iceland This Euro'16

One More Gorgeous Reason To Cheer For Iceland This Euro'16

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Who doesn’t love an underdog success story? Some of us may call it a fluke but does it really matter? The magical performance of Iceland in Euro ‘16 against England truly makes us all fall in love with the sport over and over again.

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While you revel in the unassuming Iceland’s victory over the stronger English side, we have found one more reason for you all to support Iceland in Euro ‘16.

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Her name is Arna Yr Jonsdottir. She was named Miss Euro 2016  and she is also from Iceland.

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Arna took part in this year’s Miss Euro Pageant which took place in Germany. She went on to win the competition and was crowned the most beautiful woman of Euro 2016.

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Arna has something to say on her nation’s upset victory.

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“It is incredible that our small country has done something so big. We did not expect to follow in France at this point and there we are, being a friendly country to the world. That would feel great to our Icelandic soul’

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Another beautiful reason to root for this underdog team in the upcoming quarterfinals against France!


We are sure that no one would want to see, this beautiful lady to be sad.

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