OMG! This Shocking Photo Series Reveals What 100 Years Of Climate Change Has Done To Arctic Glaciers

Christian Åslund started his photo series from the same location in 2002 and started promoting it with #MyClimateAction.

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Arctic glaciers were the most mysterious and undiscovered wonders of early 1990’s but after getting to know them, we wasted no time in destroying them. A Swedish photojournalist Christian Åslund collected some early photos of glaciers in Svalbard, Norway from the Norwegian Polar Institute, and juxtaposed them with his own photographers of the same location and the difference is incredible.

Christian Åslund who works with Greenpeace is using this photo series as an action against Norwegian oil companies drilling in the melting Arctic and to promote #MyClimateAction, a National Geographic campaign encouraging discussion about climate change.



Source: boredpanda

Source: boredpanda

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Title Image: boredpanda

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