Olivia Farnsworth: The Super Girl Who Doesn’t Feel Pain Or Fatigue!

There are only about 100 like her in the world.

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We humans get hungry, we feel pain, and we also experience fatigue but this supergirl doesn’t! Olivia Farnsworth is a live example of a human who is painless and never feels hungry. Read on to find out what makes this young girl exceptional!

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Olivia has a rare disorder which is called Chromosome 6 Deletion. In the whole world, there may be only about a hundred people who have this kind of deletion. Now a person with this condition is immune to either one of the feelings of pain, fatigue or hunger, but Olivia here doesn’t feel any of these!

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When Olivia was just nine months old, she stopped sleeping and taking naps and she would be forced by her family to eat! The normal thing is that she is choosy about food like other kids, and she was surviving on butter sandwiches for the whole year!

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Olivia was once hit by a car and was dragged for 10 car lengths. Her reaction after this horrifying car accident was “What’s going on?” The girl literally started walking normally again after this!

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But this child, dubbed Steel Girl by doctors, doesn’t have an easy life!

Olivia’s mother, Niki Trepak is actually concerned about her lack of sensations in her body. She says when Olivia started schooling at the age of 5, she yawned for the first time. Even school couldn’t tire her girl and so now Olivia ends up practising meditation for sleeping. While Nikki is a mother of five, she remembers Olivia never had hair until she was four and only had milkshakes!

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Olivia and her family is supported by a group called Unique, which reaches out to people with similar conditions as her.

You can also watch her video here.

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