See How Aditya Kapoor Reacts When Shraddha Talks About Their Engagement: OK Jaanu Dialogue Promo Released

While sitting in a restaurant, Shraddha pulls Aditya’s leg, by bombing the “Engagement Talk”

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The trailer of ‘Ok Jaanu’ had created a lot of buzz, as the main leads, Shraddha and Aditya share a sizzling chemistry together.

When the songs Enna Sona and Humma Humma got released, the viewers loved it so much that you can find it in everyone's playlist these days.


It has certainly become the most talked about film because of it’s breezy concept and catchy songs, and now to add to it the makers have released a dialogue promo to give their fans a little sneak peak.

In the video, while sitting in a restaurant Shraddha pulls Aditya’s leg, by bombing the “Engagement Talk”. But Aditya doesn't seem to take it well. Poor Aditya!

Watch Shraddha shocking Aditya in the video below -

Under the Dharma Productions banner, with Shraddha and Aditya in the lead, the movie is set to come in the theatres on the January 13, 2017.

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