Of Dreams and Foundations

Killing dreams is what kills big successes.

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Day dreams? That’s kids stuff- we dreamt about things we can play with, places (real and imaginary) we would love to visit, professions we would grow up to get, personalities we would grow up to be like… it was endless.

Then someone told us to ‘stop dreaming’ and added, ‘wake up to the real world’. Unfortunately, we interpreted that as, ‘don’t dream at all, dreaming is bad, dreams do not materialize…” Not only did we stop this beautiful game, we even buried deep what ever we had in store, our most cherished ones. Buried them so deep that they better don’t show up in some weak moment and lure us. Then as we grew up and joined the straightjacketed bandwagon to tell our young ones, “Stop dreaming”…

But killing dreams is what kills big successes.

We hover around jumping from exam to exam. Scoring marks is the only dream we are ‘permitted’ to dream. The next one is to get a job, the next to get a promotion, then one more promotion, and then one more… that’s how big we dream and so that’s how tall we reach.

So dreams appear to be in the clouds, distant, out of reach, and floating… that is where most people lose hope and courage. Since it is your dream it may not have any background success stories to strengthen it with. That makes it stand alone… read ‘weak’… read ‘not possible’. Yes that is how the society interprets it. If there are no proofs for something then it is presumed that it cannot happen. And make it look like a sure recipe for disaster.

The moment you talk of one such dream, red signals start flashing violently in most heads that hear it. And it takes no time for the panic to transfer to you. Then you accept what is being thrust on you with full faith in failure and disaster. You accept and believe that dreams are but dreams and they do not materialize, at least not for you.

I have news - All those who did big for themselves, started with a dream. A dream that seemed too distant and unreachable. A dream, that most discouraged them to see. Yet they did not give up. And guess what? They hit the Jackpot sooner than you can imagine.

You have a dream? No one to support you in materializing your dream castle? Make it real.. Put foundations under it. Study, research, network, experiment. Make the foundation strong. Then whatever you build on it will only grow tall. It cannot be any other way. Start small, but dream big.

Oh…and while you are at it, do read Varun Agrawal’s, “How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company”.

Author: Dr. Sapna Sharma (Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Author, Speaker)

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