NRI Businessman, SPS Oberoi From Punjab Saved 10 Indians From Death Sentence By Depositing Blood Money

Oberoi is expected to bring the ten youths back to their homes in India and give them jobs in the district offices.

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NRI businessman, SPS Oberoi, based in Dubai and a native of Punjab is making headlines again for his benevolent act after he deposited his hard-earned blood money to save ten Indians from his home state of Punjab who faced a death sentence for the murder of a Pakistani man in UAE.

According to  Hindustan Times, he deposited 200,000 Dirham (around Rs 36 lakhs) in a UAE court last week. The victim’s father agreed to pardon and the ten youths would soon be released. Mr Oberoi says he has saved 88 people so far.

Oberoi is expected to bring the ten youths back to their homes in India and give them jobs in the district offices of his social organisations, ‘Sarbat Da Bhalla’ Trust.

Source: spsinghoberoisarbatdabhala

Mr Oberoi who is in the construction business in Dubai had moved there in 1992 and later came back to help his family settle in Punjab.

The 59-year old businessman puts his annual charity bill of Rs 36 crore, and he is known as a saviour not only of Indians but of anyone who approaches him. His philanthropy is expanding from Punjab where he runs offices that give out pensions and help to get employment in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, where he plans to open dialysis units and crèches.

Source: spsinghoberoisarbatdabhala

“My business is booming. And the more charity I do the more business profits I earn,” he said, reports Hindustan Times.

He got into philanthropy after seeing conditions in a Punjab village. “Many people have no money for food, medicines, or for the education of their children. I am doing very little,” he added.

Philanthropy is a way of life for him. Oxford University even bestowed him with an honorary doctorate for it. 

Information source: Hindustan Times

Title image: sarbatdabhallacharitabletrust

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