Now You Can Get Job At Ernst & Young Without A Degree!

Time everyone realizes that intelligence is not linked to a degree.

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Ernst & Young is a very popular multinational professional services firm, headquartered at London, UK. EY as they are popularly referred to, have made a welcome change in the way they recruit people.

EY hires a large chunk of undergraduates & graduates every year. Earlier students were required to poses a minimum 300 UCAS points (equivalent to 3 B’s) and a 2:1 degree before applying to EY. This criteria being called the degree classification threshold has now been dropped by EY from 2016 onwards. EY has come up with innovative online strength assessments & numerical tests which will test the potential candidates.

Maggie Stilwell, who works with EY has stated that this will provide better opportunities & access to talented individuals regardless of their backgrounds.  She further added that the research conducted by EY over 400 graduate hires showcased that academic performance alone could not be a major criteria. Dan Richard, EY’s UK recruiting leader opined, this change in recruitment policy would help EY reach across the widest and deepest talent pools. This would certainly help EY’s goal of attracting the brightest & most talented minds.

The full report can be read here.

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