Not Only Humans, Cows Need To Have An ID Card Too In India!

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Shocked? You read it right. In eastern states like West Bengal and also in places like Malegaon in Maharashtra the cattle owners need to make an ID card of the cows! Read on to find why:

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The Murshidabad district in Kolkata was the first one to make identity cards for cows owing to ever-increasing smuggling of cows in the country over the years. In the year 2001, more than 3 lakhs cows were smuggled to Bangladesh every month and to solve the problem government came up with this solution.

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About 2,000 to 3,000 cows were getting smuggled through west Bengal alone. Another reason which came up was slaughtering of cows. Since cows were smuggled for beef in countries like Pakistan, India, being a Hindu majority, was always against it.

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Each laminated cattle ID card displays the picture of the animal and its owner. It also carries vital information about the animal, such as its color, height, sex and length of horns. It also carries the owner's name and address and sometimes other details about the animal like "one horn missing" or "half tail lost".

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The ID card is valid for 2 years and can help easily identify the cattle brought into Indian villages for smuggling. 24 out of 29 states in India currently have various regulations prohibiting either the slaughter or sale of cows. The ID-system first started with issue of 5,000 ID cards in Murshidabad district and is now followed in many places all over the country.

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Despite this India still is second largest exporter of beef and fifth largest consumer of beef. With the recent changes though it may see sharp decline in the number in the upcoming years.

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