If You Aren’t A Morning Person, These 25 Mugs Are For You!

Here are 25 mugs that will speak your mind in the morning.

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7-snooze, 7:30-snooze ,8-snooze ,8:30-snooze ,9-snooze , 9:30- oh shit I am late!

If something similar happens to you every day, join the club! You aren’t a morning person. If you too are tired of people telling you the “benefits” of waking up early and are wondering if it is okay to feel like shooting all those happy, chirpy ( basically annoying) morning persons, you are not wrong. Here are 25 mugs that will speak your mind in the morning.

Morning people, beware!

It's true!

Exactly that!

All you morning people
With love!

200% true!


Are you in a bad mood?

Me in the morning!

Can't human today!

Sorry, no sorry!

Decaf coffee is not coffee!

Again, well...



It's too early in the morning to give a sip or a shit!

Me too!

That's every day!

Every morning-meeting ever!


Says it all!

Satya vachan!

Post-breakup mug!


That's how we function!

Cannot be able to!

You never know!

All images sourced from pizzabottle

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