7 Times Normie Behaviour Could Be Termed As ‘Sexual Harassment’

Mind y’all these points are absolutely gender neutral!

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Harvey Weinstein, Khodu Irani are some of the names in the recent times which became infamous examples of people at a certain position sexually harassing a woman.

In the wake of the latest #metoo campaign, a lot of people from different spheres of life were seeing being vocal about the fact that at some point in their lives, they too, have been sexually violated.

While we might know of many who would have faced some kind harassment but have chosen to keep mum about it. And that’s okay for they don’t owe anybody their story. But there is also this certain kind of people who have been hassled but have either passed it as a normie behavior or haven’t categorized such an act as one that is encompassed in the term ‘sexual harassment’.

Now we are no one to issue diktats or even define this term which is somewhat subjective. But we caught up with a couple of people around us and asked them what all things could fall within the scope of it.

1) Being cat-called.

It doesn’t just have to be from the roadside romeo. It could even be the guy from your tuition classes and even from the girl in your high school who called you a certain something questioning your character.

2) When someone looks ‘up and down’ at you.

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This we all have had to face. It could range from eyeing your body to staring at the chest or the posterior or any body part, for that matter. Sexual harassment need not be verbal.

3) Constantly told what to wear and what-not-to.

Most of these people who go about advising “appropriate” clothing make you feel uncomfortable for it sexualizes your body. And that’s uncool!

4) People cracking sexual jokes with you to bring up ‘sex’ in conversation.

At certain settings or with a certain people or in certain relationships, it is inappropriate to talk about sex unless it is in factual or informative context. But if conversations not pertaining to any of these make you squirm in discomfort, it is violation and time to point it out.

5) When a person deliberately walks behind you.

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This one’s a classic. They do so to get a view of your behind. Quite a lot of times we are unaware of it, but if vigilant, you can slow your pace and walk behind them instead. Same with people who do you ride your bike.

6) Being called inappropriate names.

‘Honey,’ or ‘Sugar,’ or ‘Love’ are not the names you call someone, especially in professional settings. All of us have a name, use it.

7) Intrude the “space” while conversing.

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While conversing, there’s a standard space that is to be maintained between the persons. People who lean in, get closer in any shape or form should be told that space is needed if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

There may be many other subtle gestures, actions, etc. verbal or non-verbal which can fall within the purview of this normie behavior, but these are the seven that we chose to list down since it happens on a wide scale. If you know of any such actions, do write to us and tell us.

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