Nobody Is 100% Straight Or Gay, Says A Study Based On Sexuality

The researchers have called sexuality 'a spectrum'.

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A study published by the researchers of Cornell University says that there is no such thing as a 100 percent straight or gay and that sexuality is ‘a spectrum’.

According to the findings, the study showed that traditional heterosexual and homosexual is in fact not a precise divide. People who categorize themselves as heterosexuals can be called 'mostly straight' but not completely straight.

The study comprised of assessing the reactions of the people while they were watching pornography. The porn clips included heterosexual and homosexual subjects. People’s eye dilation was noted while they watched each of the clips.

It was found that women were thrilled to watch clips starring men and women and also of women with women. Same was the case with the men.

The study was backed by comments of Ritch C Savin-WIlliams, Director of Developmental Psychology and the Director of the Sex and Gender Lab in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University. Ritch explained his study of 2015 along with the current one.

He said:

"It's basically a study that assesses sexual orientation by looking at the eyes and whether they dilate or not. You can't control your eye dilation.”

"Essentially, that's what the whole project attempts to get at, another way of assessing sexuality without relying on self-report.”

"Another way, of course, is genital arousal, but that gets a little invasive."

Savin-Williams added:

"We've always recognized mostly straight women, that is, women who mostly are straight but if the right woman comes along, well maybe she'll try it out. We used to think that was only a female phenomenon."

"We show straight men a picture of a woman masturbating and they respond just like a straight guy, but then you also show them a guy masturbating and their eyes dilate a little bit. So we're actually able to show physiologically that all guys are not either gay, straight, or bi.”

"There are aspects [of male sexuality] along a continuum, just as we have always recognized with women. Men have gotten so much cultural crap put on them that even if a man does have some sexual attraction to guys, they would never say it."

The study furthermore showed the scope of a major change in the perception of our own selves and our sexuality.

"I do see this loosening of the boundaries," said Savin-Williams.

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