NIT Calicut’s Warden Issues Shocking Punishment For Girls ‘Who Will Roam With Boys’, Creating Outrage Amongst Students!

Improper exercise of authority by warden brings shame to college!

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We all know wardens and college authorities to be extremely strict and stringent when it comes to maintaining discipline in the college campus. In some cases, the authority exercise their control in a negative way and hamper the credibility of college and spread a sense of disconcert amongst their students.

In one such incidence in NIT Calicut’s hostel, the warden circulated a contentious notice, in which he ordered the girls of the college ‘not to roam with boys’ and further added that if found roaming, strict action will be taken against those girls which might lead to expulsion. This circular generated a strong reaction from students across the college, especially girl students who went all guns blazing to take action against this warden. The Students Affair Council at NIT Calicut is also in opposition of this controversial step taken by the authority. This notice was put out by ladies warden S Bhuvaneswari.

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The authorities are now facing a lot of heat over this debacle and face various inquiries regarding the matter in the upcoming days.

One of the outraged students in his post noted: Hope better sense prevails and that we won't have to discipline those who enforce 'discipline' this way. We couldn’t agree more!

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