New Zealand To Open A Sushi Bar Exclusively For Dogs!

The agenda suggests small dogs have to register for the 11 am sitting, while medium and large varieties for 11:30 am and 12 pm.

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If you’re a dog lover, what efforts do you take to make him feel loved and special? Umm… may be cuddling him, running after him, brushing through his hair and serving him his favourite food.

Well, if you want to move over this and make your dog feel more special then take it to Auckland, New Zealand where a one-day eat joint will be opened for dogs that serves Sushi.

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Named as Poochi Sushi, the pop-up will get open on Dec. 3 and would have three settings which will serve 10-12 dogs per session.

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This pop-up is being organised by Auckland not-for-profit group where the platter for every dog will cost around $15 which includes sushi, sashimi and also a “dog-friendly beer” called Pawl Ale.

Will you fly that far, for your pooch’s happiness?

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