New Zealand Revelers Build A Sand Island To Defy Alcohol Ban, Authorities Admire Their Originality

The local authorities even admired their out of the box thinking.

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We all have done crazy things for alcohol. Be it sneaking some booze in the hostel or secretly arranging daaru for a house party. But how far can you go to defy alcohol ban? If you have started thinking about the crazy things you could do, leave it. Because what these people did is unbeatable!

In a bid to defy a local alcohol ban, these New Zealanders built a sand island. Yes, they built a real sand island so that they could have a boozy party on the new year’s eve.


According to the law in the Coromandel area, it is illegal to consume liquor on beaches or any other public places.

In order to defy the booze ban, this group of holidaymakers built a sort of a sandcastle/ island in the Coromandel estuary. This mini island included a small picnic table and an ice-box.

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According to reports, they claimed that the rules didn’t apply to them as they were on “international waters”.

The group continued drinking and watched the fireworks from their little island.

Apparently, in the spirit of the holidays, the local authorities were really amused and admired their out of the box thinking.

"That's the one thing I absolutely love about the Coromandel: the inventive nature of the people. It's about creativity, the legal reality is somewhat different," the Coromandel mayor said.

The local police too had no idea about this group of drinkers, but just like the mayor, inspector John Kenny appreciated the out of the box thinking. “If I had known that, I probably would have joined them,” he said.

Now that’s how you party!

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