New Currency Note Of Rs 2000 Disintegrates While Handling

A new currency note of Rs. 2000 denomination was found crumbling while handling.

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A new currency note of Rs 2000 denomination was found disintegrating while handling, just hours after it was withdrawn from a bank at Taliparamba in Kerala.

P C Shareefa, a resident of Mukkola near the Taliparamba town, had withdrawn the new Rs 2000 note from a federal bank branch in Taliparamba on December 13th. Among the five Rs 2000 denomination notes that Shareefa had withdrawn, the note carrying serial no 456828 started to break into small fragments at the edges while within just a few hours.

According to reports, P C Sheemel, son of Shareefa said, “although, all the notes were showing the same sign of crumbling, he somehow managed to use the four of them and the remaining currency was so badly damaged that it was beyond using as a normal note.”

“When this issue was brought to the notice of the bank officials of the federal bank branch, they were completely reluctant to accept that the note was handed over by the bank”, he added.

He also said that his mother managed to withdraw these notes from the bank after queuing up in the bank branch for hours.

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